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PSO Purposes

The following purposes provide the basis for our sports ministry:


We believe that Jesus Christ, God's only Son, came to earth to pay our sin debt by dying on the cross so that we could have eternal life (heaven).  Our sports programs are designed to share our faith in Christ.


We want to provide a positive, fun learning environment that will be a positive physical and emotional experience for children.  This positive experience will cause them to want to continue to be involved in this and other team sports.


We want children to be given a great opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be successful in a given sport.


We want children to experience the beneficial aspects of competing with others, and grow in their understanding of teamwork.


Mission Statements

Prestonwood Sports Outreach Ministry

The mission of the Sports Outreach Ministry is to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, using the vehicle of sports and fitness in order to reach out to those around us with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

PSO Children's Team Sports Programs

To glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible and developing children in their chosen sports, through a quality youth sports program.  Further we will build them up emotionally by teaching positive life values.

Parent’s Attitude towards Children’s Sports and PSO Philosophy on Competition

We often tell new parents in children’s leagues that sports places a child, for the first time, in the arena of public opinion for success and failure. Up to this point, if a child failed at home or at school, the only ones that knew were those directly involved—the parent, teacher and child. Now, a child’s success or failure is viewed by dozens from the sidelines/bleachers. This often creates a dilemma for the parents in that it is difficult for a parent to accept that they and their child are responsible, at least in part, for both success and failure. As a result, parents often place blame on the coach, officials or the league for any failure. We would encourage you to be mature in your thinking in this situation and put this in a proper perspective. We should also understand that the process of losing can be a positive experience for children, if they use it as a springboard for working harder, focusing, learning better the skills of the sport and, most importantly, to overcome adversity in a positive way.

A second major issue in youth athletics is competition and how a league and parents view competition. We have all heard and seen numerous stories of the competitive drive of parents and coaches that is out of control. PSO wants great competition with great class and a Christ-like attitude. We do not fear competition. We, in fact, view competition as a great motivator. Occasionally, parents believe that one team or coach “recruited” more than they should. Please understand that most of our children’s sports leagues are not primarily draft driven, in that children are not placed on to teams by the league, but parents are given the freedom to form teams with the best players available. We do not limit a coach’s ability to recruit members beyond not allowing the removal of a player based on performance or holding a multiple player ‘try-out’ for choosing children. For the most part, coaches are encouraged to aggressively recruit players for their team. This allows our organization to reach out to unchurched children and parents that may not know Christ and recruitment increases healthy competition. It is important that you, as a parent, understand that PSO encourages wholesome competition and teams to recruit great new players. It is our desire that we train the best young athletes in the North Dallas area; that they use the physical and spiritual training they receive to influence others, especially, as they mature as athletes in junior high and high school.

Contact Us

SFC Front Desk

General Information about all PSO activities

(972) 820-5227

[email protected]

Mike Maack

Director of Sports Outreach

(972) 820-5208

[email protected]

  • Oversees all PSO activities
  • Children's Baseball/Tee Ball
  • Adult Men's and Coed Softball          
  • Summer Baseball Camp

Tony Lewandowski

Associate Director of Sports Outreach

(972) 820-5223

[email protected]

  • Assists in overseeing all PSO activities 
  • Summer Sports Camps Organization 
  • PSO Webmaster

Gail Mixon

Sports Outreach Assistant

(972) 820-5454

[email protected]

  • Assistant to the Director of Sports Outreach
  • Volunteer Administration
  • Assistant Director of Children's Basketball

Jeff Clarkson

Director of Sports Outreach - Basketball

(972) 820-5228

[email protected]

  • Oversees All Basketball Activities
  • Basketball Camps

Jamie Wilder

Director of Sports Outreach - Football

(972) 820-5238

[email protected]

  • Football  
  • Summer Football Camps
  • Adult Softball
  • Adult Volleyball

Jenny Bessonette

Director of Sports Outreach - Soccer

(972) 820-5226

[email protected]

  • Soccer
  • Soccer & Futsal Camps
  • All-Sports Camps

Prestonwood Sports Organization (PSO)

Prestonwood Sports Organization is a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church
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Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor

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