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Basketball Frequently Asked Questions

The dates and times on this page are subject to change.

If you have questions pertaining to PSO Basketball that are not listed here,
please email your question to Gail Mixon at [email protected].

How do we register a team in the Basketball League?
To register as a team, the coach needs to register online through the coach sign up link, submit a volunteer background check and submit a team roster to PSO before the registration deadline.  Team rosters can be emailed to Gail Mixon at [email protected].  Also, each player needs to register individually through the player registration link and enter the team name and coach during the registration process.  Click HERE for more registration details.

Do you have to already be on a team to register for the PSO Basketball League?
No.  You can register online and select "unassigned" as your team.  We will make every effort to place you on an existing team or we will form a new team from the group of unassigned players.  95% of our coaches are parents of a player on the team.  In most cases, if a new team is formed we will ask a parent on that team to help coach.  If a team or a coach cannot be found you will be given a full refund.

What do I need to do if I want to be a coach on my child's team?
In order to coach in our league you must register as a coach and submit a background check form.  Click HERE for more details.

How can I make sure that my child and his friend are on the same team?

The only way to guarantee that your child and his or her friend are on the same team is to form a team with a coach.  If you need additional players we will work with you from the list of players that sign up without a team.  Outside of this method we cannot guarantee players being placed together on a team.  However, during registration you can type in "Would like to play with..." and then the name of the friend, in the box requesting team name / coach details.  We will do our best to place them together but there are no guarantees.

How often do teams practice?
Each team is scheduled for a one-hour practice in our facility.  By rule, teams are allowed to practice one other time during the week but they must find their own location outside of our facilities.  When the weather is good, some coaches have a practice on a local outdoor court.  The extra practice is at the discretion of each team's coach.

What day and time are the practices?
Coaches sign up for a practice day and time that fits their schedule.  Most practices are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Some practices are held on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Weekday practices usually begin at 5:30, 6:30 & 7:30.  Sunday practices usually begin at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30.

How long are practices?
Practices are one hour in length with a devotion before, after or during the practice.

Will we play on regulation goals?
PSO basketball is a progressive league.  Pre-K through 2nd grade will play cross court games on lower portable goals.  3rd Grade Boys and 3rd-4th Grade Girls will play full court on 9 foot goals.  All other grades will play on 10 foot goals.  See below for more specific details.

     Goal Height:
     1.  The Pre-K Boys and the PreK-Kindergarten Girls Divisions play at the lowest setting (about 6'6")
     2.  The Kindergarten Boys Division uses the first notch on our goals (about 7'4")
     3.  The 1st Grade Boys and 1st-2nd Grade Girls Divisions use the 2nd notch (about 7'9")
     4.  The 2nd Grade Boys Division uses the 3rd notch on our goals (about 8'3")
     5.  3rd – 4th Grade Girls and 3rd Grade Boys use 9' goals.
     6.  All other divisions use 10' goals.

What size ball do we use?
Ball size is specified in the basketball rules.  We have also listed that information here:

     Ball Size:
     1.  The Pre-K/Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade Divisions use a 27.5” ball. 
              We use the Spalding Rookie Gear which is 15% lighter than a regular ball.
              This ball can be purchased from BSN Sports at 
     2.  The 3rd - 6th Grade Girls Divisions and the 3rd - 5th Grade Boys Divisions use the 28.5” ball.
          This is the women’s regulation size.
     3.  The 6th Grade Boys will use the men’s regulation size ball 29.5"

Will the teams be allowed to press during the games?
No pressing is allowed in Pre-K through 2nd Grade.  3rd-4th Grade Girls and Boys can only press during the 4th quarter. 5th Grade Boys can only press in the 2nd half.  5th-6th Grade Girls and 6th Grade Boys can press during the whole game. However, under no circumstances is pressing allowed when a team leads by 20 points or more.

When is the coaches meeting and is it mandatory?
All coaches are required to attend ONE of the coaches' meetings.  The coaches' meetings are listed on the  Key Dates page.

Will you provide any type of coaches training?
Yes, in November we hope to be offering a free coaching clinic at the Sports & Fitness Center that will include on court demonstrations.  The specific date and time will be posted on the Key Dates page. 

Will all of the games be played at PSO?
No.  Some games will be played at the Prestonwood Christian Academy Field House gym.  Also, we are looking to expand into the inner city through our relationships with inner city organizations.  We may ask some teams to play one game at a gym in inner city Dallas.  The games would be played at the Bridgebuilders gym in Bonton (South Dallas).

When will the games be played?
70% of the games will be played on Saturday; 20% on Friday night and 10% on Sunday afternoon if needed.  We try to play all of our NCAA Division (PreK-2nd Grade) games on Saturday mornings beginning at 8:00 AM.  Our NBA Division (3rd-6th Grade) games will be played on Saturday afternoons and when needed on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Where can I find my team's schedule?
All teams have a team page that includes a schedule and other information:
a. Log in with your normal registration login
b. The assigned teams will be listed under the participant's name and you can click on them to go to the team page.
c. Once the schedule has been posted, there will be a "Schedule" tab where your team's games will be listed.  The schedule tab will not appear until the schedule has been posted by the league.
d. The team page can be updated with pictures and news by the coach or designated team parent.


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