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Basketball Playoffs


The dates and times on this page are subject to change.

2018 PSO Basketball Playoff Brackets

The rules that govern bracket seeding are at the bottom of this page.
Games may be played on any day of the week.

Click on the link below for the bracket:
(Brackets will be posted after the schedule is released.)

3rd-4th Grade Girls

5th-6th Grade Girls

3rd Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

Master Game Schedule

The Following is from the PSO Basketball Rule Book:

These rules have not been updated.  See rules posted on the coach page for any changes from last season.

Rule  17. Team Standings / Playoffs

Art. 1  Team standings are based on win-loss record and determine seeding in the tournament.  In the event of a tie, the online standings may not be correct.

Art. 2  Teams that do not have enough players (according to Section 3, Rule 2, Article 2 of these rules) at the PSO Basketball Skills Clinic will be disqualified from the playoffs.

Art. 3 Teams that forfeit more than 1 game are disqualified from the playoffs.

Art. 4  After the above articles are applied, at least the top 4 teams in each division will advance to the end-of-season tournament.  If space and time allow, more teams may be added to the bracket and every effort will be made to take all teams into the playoffs.

Art. 5  For teams eligible for the playoffs, the tie breaker for team standings will be determined in the following order until the tie is broken.

          a.      Any team that has forfeited a game will take the lower seed.

          b.      Result of head-to-head competition.

                   i.  If the teams played each other more than once, only the last game between the two teams will count in the head-to-head tie  breaker.

                  ii.   A tie between 3 or more teams is broken by record in head-to-head competition between all the teams involved in the tie.  Only the last game between teams that played each other more than once will be counted in this tie breaker.  If a team is eliminated from the tie (either taking the highest or lowest seed), and other teams are still tied, those remaining tied teams will break their ties by going to the start of the tie breaker rules.

         c.       Teams that are tied but did not play each other will break their tie by using their record vs. common opponents.

         d.      Points against vs. common opponents the last time that opponent was played by each team.

         e.       Record vs. highest seeded team not involved in the tie (continues down seeds until the tie is broken).

         f.       If the tie is not broken by the tie breakers above, the random online standings will be used.

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