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A mentoring and ministry program that teaches and exemplifies Godly manhood to boys from single parent homes, utilizing outdoor activities and the men of Prestonwood committed to making a difference in the lives of boys.

What's Wrong with America's Men?

Four out of ten of America's boys will go to bed tonight with no older male influence in the house (no father, no stepfather, no uncle, no grandfather, no older brother). - National Institute of Fathers

Some authorities estimate that of the remaining 6 fathers, 3 are a very poor influence or have no relationship with their sons.

Seventy percent plus of Americans have a major unresolved issue with their fathers. - National Coalition of Fathers

"Fathers spend on average 28 seconds a day in direct, personal contact with their sons." - James Dobson, author of "Bringing Up Boys"

What PALs Teaches

Four key elements of manhood emphasized in Biblical principals provide the framework for teaching boys what it means to be a "REAL" man.

Reject Irresponsibility
The responsibilities of manhood include:

  • A Christ to Convey - Knowing, trusting, honoring, loving, obeying and sharing the Lord, His Church and His Word

  • A Character to Build - Teaching issues such as honesty and integrity

  • A Christian Woman to Love - Mentoring boys in their relationships to mom and teaching them how to respect women in preparation for life's mate.

  • A Career to Conduct - Developing a work ethic, looking at the issues of providing for a family, and what God has for your career

  • A Cause to Champion - Giving young men a view of possible transcendent causes - a servant's heart and a giving spirit (overcoming selfishness).

Express Truth
The importance of truth - overcoming passivity and realizing that truth is a person (Christ).

Accept God's Best
The discipline and maturity of choosing God's best in every situation.

Lead and follow effectively
Learning the principles of influence and servant leadership, as well as, effective following.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Dean Turner at 817-366-4867.


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the rest of the group fro taking my son CJ and the other boys involved in PALs on this hunting trip. My son is still talking about how much fun he had! This trip has had a major impact on him, and I thank you all for taking time to help these boys feel better about themselves and being a wonderful positive influence on their lives. My ex-husband doe not have any part of my son's life, and I am so grateful that you all have started this program to give boys like my son the male fellowship that he needs."
- Heather

Get Involved

To sign up a boy from a single parent home to participate in PALs, please contact Dean Turner at [email protected].

Christian Outdoor Alliance

The Christian Outdoor Alliance (COA) is a ministry established to share the Gospel through outdoor education. COA provides opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping and other exciting outdoor activities throughout the year for sportsmen, and also facilitates a summer camp for boys and girls.

Prestonwood Sports Organization (PSO)

Prestonwood Sports Organization is a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church
6801 W. Park Blvd., Plano, Texas 75093
Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor

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