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Basketball COACH Registration (By registering you agree to all rules,waivers and content posted on this website. Please read everything on this page below and all pages listed in the Helpful Links.)

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Basketball Coach Information

All Children's Basketball pages are under construction and being updated.  When complete, this note will be removed. 

The dates and times on this page are subject to change.

2017-2018 Coach Information

Star Distribution Form

NBA Scoresheet

Online Coach Training 
(New - For Qualified Coaches Only)

Coach Registration

All head coaches must register for free online.   This registration sets up your team page and allows you to invite players and assistant coaches to join your team.  Coach registration can be done by clicking on the "Sign Up" link in the module above.

If you are the head coach of more than one team, please make sure that you sign up for all divisions/teams during the registration process.

Background Check
In addition to the online registration, coaches must also fill out an online volunteer background check.  Please email Kate Brooks at to get the link to complete the online form.  Put "Basketball Coach Background Check" in the subject line.

Please submit all other basketball questions to Gail Mixon at

Steps for Head Coaches to Register:

Step 1: Create a new account on this website if you have never logged in, or log in with existing credentials by using the buttons at the top right of the page.

Step 2: Click on "Coach Sign Up" in the main bar at the top of any page, or "Sign Up" in the top module on this page, and then click on "Volunteer Now" beside "2017 - Winter - Basketball". 

Step 3: Select the division(s) in which you want to coach.  If you coach more than one team, please select all the divisions that apply and then click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Select yourself to be the Head Coach

Step 5: Enter your remaining information. This is where you will enter your Team Name.

Step 6: Your team page is created! Go to your team page and click on the "Roster" tab.  Then click on the "Manage Roster Invites" button.  From here you can invite players and assistant coaches to your team by entering their email address. This page also tells you how many players have joined your team and what the minimum and maximum players per team are. PLUS, the team code is on this page too. You can pass this code out to anyone who you would like to join your team. When you enter emails on this page, each email will already include the team code. Tell the parents of your players not to pass out the team code to anyone that is not on your roster or they will be able to register for your team.

Coaches, Keep in mind that there is a maximum of 10 players per team (8 in PreK Divisions).  If you played in our league last season you must invite all of your players back to play for you.  If you have an open spot, you can fill it with a new player of your choice; however, in most cases, any player that played on another team in our league last season is not eligible to play on your team.  Please read the rules (link below) for complete details.

Coach Manual

A hole-punched hard copy of the coach manual will be provided at the coaches meeting (see Key Dates for dates and times).  You will need to provide your own 3 ring notebook.  We will also keep the entire coaches manual posted here if you need an additional copy.  Click HERE for a PDF of the 2017-2018 Coach Manual.


The Coach Manual above includes the 2017-2018 Rules.  For a PDF of the rules only, click HERE.

Except where the rules unique to PSO apply, play is governed by the National Federation of State High School Association Rules Book for the current year.  Click HERE if you would like to order a NFHS rule book.

NBA (3rd-6th Grade) Division Score Sheet - PDF

NBA (3rd-6th Grade) Division Score Sheet - Word Document

Value Lessons
The 2017-2018 Value Lessons are included in the Coach manual.  For a PDF of these devotions only, click HERE.

Practice Sign Up

PSO provides one hour of practice time each week in the Prestonwood Sports & Fitness Center.  Coaches will sign up on a first come, first serve basis at the PSO Basketball Coaches Meeting.  However, a coach can request a practice time early by completing the following items:

  1. Register online as a coach (see coach registration process above).

  2. Complete the online background check (see "Background Check" above).

  3. Submit by email a complete roster to Gail Mixon at

  4. Get the players on your roster to register.  Your team roster must have between 7-10 players and you must have 100% of those players registered in order to secure an early practice time.  You can invite players and assistant coaches to your team through your team roster page (see step 5 below for getting to this page).  Beginning October 16th the last roster submitted to Gail becomes your official roster and PSO has the right to start adding players to the rosters of teams with low number of players (see rules for more details).

  5. Once registered as a coach, you can go to your team page to check your roster of players.  Log in with your normal registration login, then click on "My Account" in the top right, then click on the "Volunteer" tab under your name.  The teams you have been assigned to will be listed there and you can click on them to go to the team page to see your roster.  To see contact information you will have a link on your roster page that says "Print Roster."  This link is only visible to coaches that have been assigned to the team.  

  6. When you have completed the first 4 items above you will need to email Gail Mixon at for confirmation.  When she confirms all items are complete she will send you a confirmation email that includes practice information questions.  Please forward that email with the questions answered to Brad Freeman at  Please check the available practice times via the links below to help answer the questions.

Click HERE for available NCAA Division (PreK-2nd Grade) practice times.  We will try to keep this updated but be aware that some practice spots may have been filled since the last posting of this schedule.

The NCAA plays cross-court games on our portable goals.  Each team will have one portable goal for practice on half of their game court.  Coaches can coordinate with other coaches to practice across from each other so that the full game court can be utilized for practice with that other team.

Click HERE for available NBA Division (3rd-6th Grade) practice times.  We will try to keep this updated but be aware that some practice spots may have been filled since the last posting of this schedule.

The NBA plays full-court games on our main goals.  Each team will have one goal on a half court for practice.  Coaches can coordinate with other coaches to practice across from each other so that the full game court can be utilized for practice with that other team.


We have paid referees from the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Officials Association in our NBA Divisions (3rd-6th Grade) only.  In our NCAA Divisions our coaches referee.  In our PreK Boys and our PreK-K Girls divisions we have the coaches of the teams playing officiate their own games.  In our other NCAA divisions we have a coach from each team referee the game before theirs.  If your game is the first on that court for the day then we ask you to come back to the last game on that court.  The refereeing responsibilities can be divided among all the coaches on the team.  For example, if there are 2 coaches, each coach will referee 4 games.  By having our coaches referee, we are better able to create the environment that we want to establish for our league.  It also helps the coach learn what it is like to be a ref.  Some argue that we lose consistency in the refs from game to game.  But when is the last time that you really saw any kind of consistency from paid refs (don't tell them I said that!)?

Coaches Meeting

Coaches will be required to attend a coaches meeting where a clear message will be provided regarding the mission of the PSO Basketball League, league rules, expectations, etc. All coaches will be expected to attend and sign a statement of understanding. Coaches meeting dates are listed on the Key Dates page.  You must attend one of the mandatory meetings.

Post-Season Tournament

There will be a post-season tournament in the NBA (3rd - 6th grade) divisions.  Participation in this tournament is an added bonus and not a right.  It is not guaranteed that all teams will make it into the tournament (at least 4 teams from each division will qualify for the post-season tournament).  Seeding in this tournament will be determined based on win/loss record during the regular season.  In the event of ties the online standings may not be correct (please check the official rules for tie breaker rules).  Teams will only advance to the post-season tournament if they can field a team of at least 5 players and one coach at the Skills Clinic (please check key dates for date and time).  The tournament is a single elimination tournament.  Failure to attend the Skills Clinic is considered a loss in the tournament.

Uniform Order 

*Uniform order deadline will be November 6th for the 2017 season.  Coaches need to submit their coach forms at least two weeks prior to this date. 

The registration fee does not include player uniforms.  PSO has a preferred provider relationship with BSN Sports.  Through this relationship, orders will now be able to be placed online by the coach and/or parents.  Coaches must follow the uniform order process.

Uniform Ordering Process
1.  Coach fills out and submits Order Setup Form to BSN
2.  BSN creates an online store for the team and sends order instructions to the coach.
3.  Uniforms are ordered and paid for online by the parents
     A.  Make sure the coach has approved the jersey number for the player.
     B.  The coach can place the entire order and pay at one time if he/she wants.
4.  When the store closes (coach sets the close date), BSN processes the order.
5.  BSN ships the uniforms to the coach.

PSO Basketball Uniform - COACH:
There are optional items available to parents when they order their uniforms.  If you would like your team to order shooting shirts, socks, etc. as a team, then make sure you communicate with your team and then note those items on the Order Setup Form in the notes section.  You can also order wristbands and coach shirts through BSN but will need to note that in the notes on the form.  If you have any questions about these items, please contact BSN through the contact information on the form.  The order setup form will be submitted according to the instructions on the form.  You will have the option of placing the entire order for the team and paying for it all at one time or you can have the parents go online separately to place their order and pay themselves. 

NCAA (PreK-2nd Grade) Uniform Order Setup Form (Coach or Team Rep only)

NBA (3rd-6th Grade) Uniform Order Setup Form (Coach or Team Rep only)
PSO Basketball Uniform - PARENT Orders:
Parents, If you are on a returning team and have a uniform that fits from last year, please check with your team coach to see if you are ordering new uniforms this year or using last year's uniform.  If using the same uniform as last season, you do not need to order a uniform unless you need a replacement piece or a new item.  Again, check with your coach before placing your order.  All players must order a t-shirt and star pack to give to the coach.  The coach will hand out stars after each game.  The stars will be ironed on to the sleeve of the t-shirt. 

Once the coach has set up the online store with BSN he/she will send the parents the details.

All uniform orders will begin on September 22nd.  The key dates page has the uniform order deadline.


League Replacements for last year's uniforms Cost per player What's Included
NCAA (PreK-2nd Grade) Available through BSN.  Coaches can mail
for replacement order info.
$47 (This price could change)
Reversible jersey with PSO logo on front and number on the back of each side, shorts, t-shirt, iron on stars
NBA (3rd-6th Grade) Not available. $71* (This price could change)
Reversible jersey with team name on the front and numbers on the front and back of each side, reversible shorts, t-shirt, iron on stars.
*The increase in cost is due to PSO moving forward with coach requests to have team name on the front along with a number on front and back.

Coaching Tips

Below are links to some tips and drills that will help you as you are coaching your players.  We will add to these as we come across good information.  The internet is full of great ideas but, as with anything, some of what is out there is bad information or not easily implemented at the youth level where you only have one or two practices a week.  The thing to keep in mind is to help players understand concepts that can apply to different situations.  Click on the titles below to be taken to the drill.

Practice Organization:

Upward Coach Playbook
For coaches that are really unsure about how to set up practice, what drills to run, etc., Upward has put together some great drills and practice plans.  Our NCAA divisions run very similar to Upward and this is a great resource for those coaches.  However, the NBA division coaches can benefit from these plans as well.  Keep in mind that the rules and devotions in this playbook are not consistent with our league.  For the PSO league, please use the devotions that we have provided for this year.


The White Line:  Teaching Basketball Help Defense
While we do not allow you to put tape down on our court, this is a great concept to teach all players.  You can use throw-down spots or cones instead of a line.  With the NCAA division I would teach the rope concept first as described below.

Hand on the Rope: Teaching Youth Basketball Defense
This is a great concept to teach your players.  It puts players that are one pass away into great defensive position.  However, when you are 2 or more passes away from the ball (or a long pass away) it doesn't put you in the best help defense position.  You need to refer to the "white line" concept above in those situations.  With the PreK through 1st grade players, this may be the only concept you want to teach.  Their concept development may not be ready to combine two concepts.  The 2nd grade needs to move from the rope concept to the white line concept or they will really start to suffer beginning in the 3rd grade.  NBA coaches need to realize that the rope concept works with zone positioning as well.  By the way, you can get twine a lot cheaper than rope and accomplish the same thing.

Offensive Skills:

3 Simple and FUN Youth Basketball Drills
Here are 3 really simple youth basketball drills that are TONS of fun and excellent for developing young players. We use these drills all the time...

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