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Youth Basketball -> Upward League - Frequently Asked Questions


The dates and times on this page are subject to change. 

After registration closes, can my child still join a team?
After registration closes, we will start a waiting list.  Using that list, we will start placing players on teams that are in need of players.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please send the following information to Gail Mixon at gmixon@prestonwood.org.

  • Player's name

  • Parent's name and phone number

  • Player's current grade

  • Player's gender (we can't always tell by the name).

  • Player's height in inches

  • Player's skill level on a scale of 1 to 10 where 5 is average for the players age and gender.

What is included in the league fee?
The following items are included with or provided by the league fee:

  • Uniform (t-shirt, jersey, shorts)

  • A star that can be put on the player's shirt for each game.

  • An end-of-season prize.

  • Officials (Coaches officiate our games.  We may use some paid officials with our older divisions.)

  • Gym Costs


During online registration I was asked to list a preferred coach.  Can I pick my child's coach?
No.  You can only pick the child's coach if it is that child's own parent.  In that case, list the parent's name in the preferred coach box.

Will my child get the same coach as last year?
No.  All returning players will be assigned a new coach.

Another parent and I want to coach together.  How do we indicate that during registration?
When registering your child, you can indicate this in the preferred coach box.  Type your name and then "coach with" and the name of the parent you would like to coach with.  That coach should also indicate that when registering his/her child.  We will link the two coaches together by linking their two children together.  These players will not be allowed to select a link with another player.  Coach links will not be granted after players have been drafted to teams unless that information was indicated during registration or on the coach application.

Some Upward Leagues allow players one carpool link with another child.  Is this allowed at Prestonwood?
No.  We can only link two players whose parents want to coach together (see previous question).

If my child is not yet in Kindergarten can s(he) still play?
This year we are starting a PreK4-5 division.  It is possible that this division will be co-ed.  Players in this division cannot be in Kindergarten yet and must be at least 4 years old by September 1, 2009.  Children who were not 4 by this date will not be allowed to play.

How many games are included in the season?
There will be a total of 8 games: 2 in December and the remainder in January and February. Most all of the games will be played on Saturdays.  Please see the Upward Key Dates page for more details.

Where will the games be played?
All games will be played at Prestonwood's Sports and Fitness Center or a gym close by.

How many practices are included in the season?
There will be a total of 10 practices starting in mid-November. There will be one practice per week. There will be NO practices Wed - Sat the week of Thanksgiving and NO practices the week of Christmas.  See the Upward Key Dates page for more specific information.

Where will practices take place?
Practices will be at Prestonwood's Sports and Fitness Center.  There may be some exceptions. To cut down on confusion we prefer that practice time and location remain the same each week.

My child cannot make it to the evaluation day.  What should we do?
There are two evaluation dates listed on the key dates page.  It is important that you try your best to make one of these.  If there is absolutely no way possible, please email Gail Mixon at gmixon@prestonwood.org for additional information on what to do.

What are the goal heights?
PreK4-5 and Kindergarten is 7.5 feet;  1st and 2nd grade is 8 feet;  3rd and 4th grade is 9 feet;  5th and 6th grade is 10 feet.  If two grades that play on different goal heights are combined, the goal height will be set at the younger grade's height.

What size ball does Upward use?
All divisions except kindergarten boys and girls and younger use the women's size (28.5") ball. The PreK 4-5 Division and the Kindergarten Division uses a 27.0" ball.

Are league standings kept?
No.  Every child is a winner.

What are the age divisions?
While we try to limit each division to one grade level, each year we must combine some grades in order to have enough teams in that division.  This happens mostly with the girls and the older boys.  Except in our PreK 4-5 Division, we never combine boys and girls into the same division where they will play with or against each other.

Do you still need coaches?
Yes, we need coaches and assistant coaches, as well as referees. Please contact our executive director, Gail Mixon at gmixon@prestonwood.org.

I would like to coach, what do I do?
A volunteer (coach) application can be downloaded HERE.  This PDF form was created so that you could type in your information and save it.  Simply complete in detail and email to Gail Mixon at gmixon@prestonwood.org.  Also, if you want to coach with someone else, please let Gail know when you send in the application.  If you have trouble typing in the information, just print the form, fill it out the old fashioned way and fax to Gail at 972-820-5200.

I am a returning coach, do I need to attend coaches training?
Yes, all returning coaches should attend one of the coach training sessions.
FYI - All head coaches who attend the coach training will receive a free gift from Dick's Sporting Goods.

I am a returning coach, do I need to fill out a coach application if I filled one out last year?
Yes, please fill out the information on all pages.  Our updated application will be used for all sports.  Save the file after typing in the information and use it from season to season.  You should be able to resubmit the same form after updating only the information that has changed.

I am coaching in the Upward League and the Mavericks League, do I need to fill out a coach application for both?
No; we are using the same form for both leagues.  However, please indicate that you will be coaching in both leagues on that form.   

I don't want to coach but would like to help.  Do you need other types of volunteers?
Yes!  Our league only runs because of those who volunteer to help make it run.  If you are interested in helping, we can find a place that is right for you.  Please contact Gail Mixon, Upward League Executive Director, at gmixon@prestonwood.org or Gary Dutka, Upward League Commissioner, at gdutka@yahoo.com.

If a team practice is cancelled can that practice be made up?
From time to time a team's practice has to be cancelled due to weather, other events, etc.  However, in most cases, these practices cannot be made up.  If this happens to your team, the head coach needs to contact the Practice Night Director at his practice location to determine if an alternate practice can be scheduled.

What are the primary differences in the Maverick League and Upward?
The primary differences have to do with the traditional game of basketball and the age groups offered. Some examples are:

  1. In the Mavericks League you can bring in formed teams while in the Upward League players can only sign up as individuals and are placed on teams by the league.

  2. The Mavericks League plays on a regulation court with paid referees.  The Upward League plays on smaller courts in the younger divisions and the coaches referee the games.

  3. In Upward every player plays an equal amount of time.  In Mavericks each player is only guaranteed 1 quarters of play.

  4. The goal heights differ in each league.  You can find the goal height for each league on the FAQ page.

  5. In the Mavericks League all forms of defense are allowed along with pressing (pressing rules differ between the age divisions).  There is no pressing allowed in the Upward League and all teams are required to play man-to-man defense.

  6. In the Mavericks League we keep score and post standings on our website.  Teams are seeded into an end-of-season championship tournament based on their season record.  In the Upward League we do not keep league standings and our younger divisions do not keep score.  Upward does not have a tournament.

  7. Mavericks divisions are based on age (the age date is September 1st) while the Upward divisions are based on grade.

  8. In general the Upward League provides more of a recreational atmosphere while the Mavericks League will provide more situations with competitive pressure.

  9. We strongly encourage the beginning players to play in the Upward League before trying the Mavericks League.

I have questions not answered here. How do I get those questions addressed?
f you have additional questions please contact Gail Mixon at gmixon@prestonwood.org or 972-820-5454.


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